Struma Highway

Struma Highway is a motorway in Bulgaria that connects the Lyulin highway via Daskalovo road junction at Pernik with Kulata border checkpoint. The route is on the E79 road and is part of a pan-European transport corridor. 4. LOT0 On January 31, 2007 the first section of the highway, which is 19 km from Daskalovo to Dolna Dikanya, was opened. LOT1 On July 23, 2013, the section from Dolna Dikanya was opened to Dupnitsa-North junction from lot 1 of Struma highway, 16 km of the section and two road links “Sofia-Dupnitsa” and “Dupnitsa” -LOT2 Sofia The section was opened on 22 October 2015 from Dupnitsa to Blagoevgrad, with a length of nearly 37,5 km

Road Marking quantity:

380000 kilos


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