Colourplast – Games on the asphalt

COLOURPLAST is ready to use decorative marking with high durability.


by creatively designed marking surfaces

Colour Plast markings provide solutions for individual and special designs of logos, games and much more. Colour Plast playground games can be designed for pure playing or with spelling and mathematical themes, providing an alternative and fun way of learning. The decorative games can encourage to active learning. ColourPlast offers a different approach for branding parking places and the entrance to your premises. ColourPlast gives you the freedom to design public areas differently, and you get the ability to brighten the environment.

The colourful Colour Plast symbols spread happiness and inspiration to everyone. Colour Plast is easier to design signs and symbols. Making your creative markings with ColourPlast also minimizes the risk of skin problems and allergic reactions.

he preformed thermoplastic material has done well in a sensibility test according to international standards

Make the horizontal surface look good

Looking at the dark and boring attitude is not an inspiring way of life. Then why not add colors? Make life around you variegated and beautiful with decorative flooring of COLOURPLAST.

High UV resistance colors

COLOURPLAST comes in different colors, making it easy to design and decorate. COLOURPLAST color symbols bring joy and inspiration to everyone. Moreover, the composition of the decorative pavement is 100% ecological and UV protection, making its use without danger to children and nature and very lasting.


Brands, images, and other important symbols and insignia for companies. COLORPLAST offers a different view of the parking and entry points of shops or offices. Use your company name or logo to meet your guests and customers. With the COLORPLAST mark, the message reaches the customer before entering the building.


COLORPLAST gives freedom for different design and decoration of public places and buildings. Allows to refresh the environment. The combination of horizontal decoration and vertical markings helps complete the landscape view as well as facilitates and facilitates your day-to-day activities.


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