Signalizacia Ltd. is the first private Bulgarian company for road markings, established in May 1994. Produces Thermoplastic materials, traffic signs and various Colour Plast decorations and games for playgrounds, which are laid on the road surface. We are focused on the production of specialised road-marking materials for specific climate conditions.



The Founder and CEO of the company Anton Taskov has over 24 years of experience in managing Signalizacia and has previous experience of 12 years as a road marking Machine Technician and road marking Brigade Leader in a similar company in Germany. He has passed numerous qualifications and courses at some of the leading brands in the industry.

Our clients rely on our highly qualified experts of Graphic Designers, Technicians, Chemical and Civil Engineers, as well as our precise laboratory which ensures the persistent high quality of our products.


  • Anton Taskov
    Anton Taskov CEO
  • Alexander Tavraliiski
    Alexander Tavraliiski CFO
  • Nia Karra
    Nia Karra Graphic Designer
  • Anastasia Karadjova
    Anastasia Karadjova Chemical Engineer
  • Valia Bojinova
    Valia Bojinova Finance
  • Desislava Galova
    Desislava Galova Office Manager

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